Monday, September 14, 2009

Wearing your Heart on your Chest (or stomach)

Ht Will and Testament for the Telegraphs comparison of the 'top 20 coolest' Christian and atheist t-shirts. I have to say that the atheist collection shades it, but you can make up your own minds. It's not an objective study 'we have selected 20 of the coolest....', which means the Telegraph possibly spent a few minutes on Google Image search. I'm sure there are better designs out there on both sides.

The only place I've seen Christians wearing Christian t-shirts is at Christian festivals. Where do atheists wear their stuff? Ricky Gervais gigs?

My favourite message t-shirt was produced by the fair trade jewellers Cred, in the days before they specialised: "How you spend controls what happens on the planet." It's full of holes but I refuse to throw it away.


  1. This Atheist can't afford tickets to Ricky Gervais gigs these days, since he went all "Hollywood" :)

    Ouch, some of these tee's are cringe worthy, I'm not sure I would buy any of them to be honest; I do own one of the "Atheist bus campaign" tee-shirts though, I wear it on Sundays of course! :)

  2. I'm hoping to catch Marcus Brigstockes 'God Collar' tour, he's a bit less expensive than Gervais. Not sure what I'm going to wear though. Wondering about going in my dog collar just to see how people react! But I probably haven't got the nerve....

  3. I like Marcus Brigstocke, I met him once at a corporate do and I must say what a normal, courteous and down to earth chap he was (unlike some).

    re. the dog collar, go for it (and heckle too!)