Wednesday, September 09, 2009

5 ways to value your loved ones

Lovely, simple article from Care for the Family, entitled '5 ways to value your child'. It struck me on reading it that you could swap 'child' for 'wife', 'husband' 'friend', pretty much anyone.

I particularly love that line 'catch them doing something right' (highlighted below). Todays mission, if you choose to accept it: catch someone doing something right, and tell them. To most of us, praise is like rain in the desert.

5 ways to value your child
Validate them. Children can tell whether you think they are important or not by how seriously you take them. If they come to you with a problem, give them your full attention while they talk to you, no matter how small you think the matter is.

Avoid comparisons. Don't compare them to their friends or siblings. It can undermine their confidence and knock their self-esteem. Instead, affirm something that is unique about them.

Listen to them. Remember to look at them while they talk – listen with your eyes.

Understand the power of praise. Catch them doing something right and tell them. To a child, praise can be like rain in a desert.

Enter into their world. Talk about what interests them. Spending time with a child tells them you value them. Join in their games. Watch their choice of TV show together. Give them the opportunity to teach you – you may be surprised at what you learn.

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