Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to Church Sunday Radio Ad

A new radio ad has been produced to go with Back to Church Sunday, hear it here, there's also a CofE press release about it.

Reflecting this year’s theme of ‘Come as you are’, the 40-second advert features a variety of voices reading a rap-style poem that counsels listeners “You might have left for so many reasons, but am I wrong to sense that now’s the season, to stop, turn around, walk back? Don’t look to make no airs and graces. Faked up smiles and masked up faces. No need to make no innovation. Please accept this as your invitation.”

It set me wondering who the ad is aimed at. Most of the people who might come back to church are those with a church background: that figure increases with age. Will a rap-style poem appeal to most over-60's who are thinking about coming back to church, or will it put them off, if they left churches in the first place because they were trying too hard to be trendy? Having said that, there are probably loads of folk in their 50s who were brought up on Grandmaster Flash.

Dave Walker also has thoughts.

Back to Church Sunday is 27th September, and the ad will be running in various places from next Monday.

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  1. i thinkt his will attract people who are in 50s and not above it.