Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Top 100 Christian Blogs (another one!)

Every day seems to unearth yet another ranking or listing of blogs, either that or I produce one of my own. Here's some of the efforts to list blogs within the religious/Christian webworld, each of which is doing something slightly different.

Top 100 Church Blogs compiled last week by Beyond Relevance (combination of Alexa, RSS subscriptions, Technorati and a couple of other measures). The good news is that a lot of the top blogs are quite sensible/thoughtful. Pretty good starting point.

Blogrank which has a whole load of different subsections, again a composite score based on about 12 different indicators.

Peter Oulds list of Anglican blogs by Alexa ranking.

Church Mouse has a table of Twittering Anglicans

Dave Bish keeps a list of UK Christian blogs by Technorati ranking, updated occasionally (look down the sidebar)

Blogtopsites is one of several with a 'religion' subsection, all manner of weird and wonderful things in there, very international too. Keeps a running log of traffic, zeroed every week.

For something completely different, MandM keep track of the top Christian blogs in New Zealand.

Most of these seem to require an opt-in, either registration or something similar. There's probably hundreds of others, so the great news is that somewhere, probably, your blog is no.1. And if it isn't, then you've always got 'the last shall be first' to fall back on.

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