Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Brain Food

An interview in the monthly review with Terry Eagleton, about religion, atheism, culture, and lots of other things. Covers lots of ground, good stuff.

Normblog responds to the Eagleton interview, kicking off a whole discussion about whether religion is basically about believing certain doctrines, or is more 'performative' - based on action (which expressed doctrine). Stumbling and Mumbling argues that perhaps faith is more like getting into a piece of music, and here's Norms response to that.

Couple of posts at Heresy Corner, one on Richard Dawkins at the Libdem conference, the other on Back to Church Sunday and comments by bishops about supermarket queues. (ht Thinking Anglicans). Ann Droid posts a Facebook discussion about blasphemy, offence and Christian values in a secular society.

I am Christian, hear me roar wonders if John Calvin is to blame for capitalism.

Ben Myers notes the 'Jesus, All About Life' advertising campaign in Australia. Not being an Aussie, I've no way of knowing how culturally appropriate this is, or whether it's come across better or worse than Back to Church Sunday, but Ben doesn't seem to be impressed.

Beyond Relevance has a good meditation on the Princess and the Pea: Many church leaders will tell you that they do not have problems with the non-Christians, its the finicky church people that keep them wound in a knot. (spotted this a bit late, but it's still worth a look)

Thinking out Loud takes us behind the scenes at King David's worship committee.

Girlpreacha has a nice version of the 10 Commandments translated for 7-11 year olds.

Steve Borthwick has unearthed a copy of the Daily Mail from AD 33

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