Monday, September 14, 2009

Britain, Hang your Head

Posted here a few months ago about the case of Elizabeth Kiwunga Rushamba, a Ugandan refugee in the UK with 2 small children, who was fighting to be allowed to stay in the UK. Her final appeal against deportation was rejected, despite support from the MEP, local MP Alan Milburn, and a coalition of churches and local people.

Got this on Facebook this morning;

8 border control women have taken Elizabeth and her children and have separated her from her children...I thought this was a free country? How can they do this to such a peaceful godly woman?

If you pray, please pray for Elizabeth and her family, and for compassion for the UK authorities. I'm at a loss really: if MP's, MEP's bishops and campaigns can't win compassion for one vulnerable, frightened family, then what kind of country is this? The sheer lack of humanity in taking small children away from their mother is beyond my comprehension. Come on Phil Woolas, there must be a heart in there somewhere.

The following from 'Shame on You Alan Johnson', a Facebook group:
This morning Elizabeth Kiwunga Rushamba and her two young children were taken from their home by eight border control officals. Elizabeth, despite assurances from the police that she would be placed in the same car as her children was separated from ...them causing much trauma to the children. Also no-one got to say goodbye to Elizabeth.

Please contact Alan Johnson (Home Secretary) and Alan Milburn (local MP for Darlington) to complain about this treatment of a peaceful woman and her family and ask they release her immediately - and review her case favourably - this really is last chance saloon, because if she is returned to Uganda she is likely to be imprisoned and the children placed in an orphanage.

So I ask you again to take a few minutes out of your day to make a stand on her behalf
Alan Milburn - or call 01325 380366
Alan Johnson - and/or and/or or 020 7035 484

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  1. David, thanks so much for including this on your blog. It seems as though the government is all about targets for political gain and less about humanity. The situation in Kampala is dreadful at the moment and Elizabeth will be at great risk.