Monday, September 14, 2009

Jesus and the Nazi, the Muslim Christian, and other links

Please visit this Facebook page, with the details of the shameful treatment and deportation from the UK of a woman who faces torture, imprisonment and separation from her 2 small children in Uganda. There may still be time for Alan Johson to intervene. More details in my previous post today, including contact details for Alan Johnson and Alan Milburn, the local MP.

Journeys with the Messiah is a striking bit of art, putting a 1st century Jesus into a series of modern settings, put together by fashion photographer Michael Belk. Ht Church Mouse, Maggi Dawn.

Matt Wardman reports on the bloggers who uncovered a false story in the Sun (who'd have thought it?), and argues that bloggers might be better at checking their facts than newspapers anxious to print anti-Islam stories.

Sam Norton lists 10 'random beliefs' - interesting collection, might follow his example even if that particular meme doesn't come my way.

Cranmers Curate reports on a creative bit of church planting in Sheffield, whilst the Urban Pastor wonders whether Anglican parish boundaries have had their day.

Missionary Carl Medearis declares 'I am a Muslim': I have friends in the Arab world who are from America and grew up in the Christian faith who would call themselves “Muslims.” They reason that the word simply (and literally) means “one who submits to God.” And they do, so they are. Or…are they? Depends on who’s doing the defining. Ht iGod. Medearis asks the pertinent question 'are you a good communicator or a good talker?' let the blogger understand...

Derren Brown's blog is still offline, as it has been since Friday. But I'm sure he knows what you're thinking anyway.


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