Friday, September 18, 2009


Have been in hospital for the last couple of days with a suspected hernia, which they then decided wasn't. With Coldplay tickets booked for today, the pain easing slightly, and each day in hospital characterised by a long wait followed by an inconclusive diagnosis, I have taken my chances and discharged myself.

Coldplay aside, the next week will consist mainly of rest and Ibuprofen. Blogging may, or may not feature, depending on whether I can get it classed as a 'restful' activity. There's probably an NHS post waiting to be written: one of many strange features of the hospital was a lift attendant paid £5.60 an hour to sit on a stool in the bed lift making sure it was only being used by the right people, whilst the other bed lift was being repaired.

Having been out of the loop for a couple of days, latest news on Elizabeth's deportation (see posts earlier this week) didn't sound good, it looks like it went through, despite all the lobbying. One commenter made the point that if we let Abu Hamza stay for his own safety, what are we doing deporting a vulnerable young woman and her two infant children. Exactly.


  1. I really hope that the lift attendant (sadly necessary because inconsiderate people using the bedlift do stop patients being moved from floor to floor - not good if you're being rushed into Theatre) isn't being paid £5.60/hr as that's below national minimum wage. Can you email me off list if there's anything I should know about?

  2. Take it easy and don't be trying to do too much too quickly. Hope you're better soon, and you're in our prayers.

    And if you were to feel unable to make it to Coldplay, I'm sure someone come use the ticket! ;-)

  3. Hi David, oh no!, sorry to hear you are unwell *and* have Coldplay tickets for tonight, bummer!

    Anyway, get well soon and take it easy at the concert, being a CP fan I'll await the subsequent post with interest!

  4. Managed to get to Coldplay for music therapy, but thanks for your concern folks. I kept the dancing to a minimum - just as well, being 2 rows from a precipitous drop at the front of the upper tier.

    Andy - £5.60 is what I was told, but I can't remember who by. I'm sure the guy is still in the lift if you want to pop in and ask him. They explained the reason whist I was there - I wonder how much more money is wasted to protect us from other people's selfishness?