Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harvest Resources

If you're after some resources for Harvest assemblies, services etc., there's a good collection at farming matters. Or try the Arthur Rank Centre, who have lots of stuff. This reflection is from the farming matters site:

Harvest Dreams
Tread softly because you tread on farmers' dreams.

Of what does a farmer dream?
In the U. K.Of a rich harvest?
Of a good price for the crop, covering costs with something left over.
Of enough capital to see him through the bad times.
Of security - for himself and his family.
Of a good well-managed farm to pass on to his children, as his father passed it to him.

It may be easier to ask ‘what does a farmer fear?’
Because fear of failure is ever present!
Fear of too little rain - or too much.
Fear of rain and wind spoiling a good crop.
Fear of low prices for his produce, falling bank balances and an overdraft refused.
Fear of sickness or injury - how will my family cope without me?

And all these apply in the world wide farming communityalong with other fears:
-Fear of total crop failure.
Fear of an invasion of locusts, leaving just bare earth where there was a green field.
Fear of drought - lasting for months not just a few weeks.
Fear of ‘picky’ buyers for the crop - refusal could mean disaster.
Fear of starvation:- no rain, no grass, no cattle, no crop, no sales.
Nothing for tomorrow.

And for the the ‘consumer’?
Do you remember the fuel shortage in September 2000?
Have you ever seen a Supermarket with no food on its shelves?
Our food supply appears secure.
If the buyer does not like one farmer or country he can make a deal elsewhere.
And it is so easy for us with our own ‘dream’ of cheap food to tread on the dreams of others!

The prophet Isaiah expressed God’s indignation
when he spoke of ‘Grinding the face of the poor’. (Isaiah 3 v. 15)
Love for our neighbour can be expressed
in treading very softly and carefully in our choice of food.
A wise choice will mean fewer ‘food miles’,
‘Fair Traded’ imports
and a fair return for the primary producer where-ever they may be.
An unwise choice can cause irreversible damage to God’s world and farmers everywhere.
In buying food - ‘Tread softly for you tread on farmers’ dreams!’

©2005 T.W. Brighton You are free to use this but please acknowledge copyright


  1. David
    Thanks for flagging up the Arthur Rank Centre harvest resources in your blog!
    Simon Martin
    Training & Resources Officer
    Arthur Rank Centre

  2. You're welcome, thanks for making them available!