Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Derren Brown: Place Your Bets

Update: he got all 6 balls exactly right. How in the world.....??

At 10.35 this evening, Derren Brown will attempt to predict the Lottery winning numbers, just before they're drawn. No indication at present that it's a publicity stunt for the nations most popular tax, but you never know.

Here's Mr Brown explaining all, more here. Fascinating that lots of people on his blog are wishing him 'good luck', even though as a good sceptic Brown doesn't believe in that sort of thing. Old habits die hard...

I shall be looking forward to the week when he plans to 'take down a casino'. If only he'd do it as a matter of principle, rather than as a demonstration of whatever it is he's going to be demonstrating. At one level it may be a 'harmless bit of fun', but anything that gets people more fascinated by gambling and how to do it successfully is potentially toxic. Gambling is addictive, it destroys families and destroys lives.

If Derren Brown manages it then a lot of us will want to know how. I may be one of the few whose curiosity isn't driven by a desire to win the Lottery next week!

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