Saturday, September 05, 2009

How bad can Christian music be before it stops being 'Christian'?

Shallowfrozenwater nearly lost the will to live after listening to Christian radio, and wonders what happened to decent music from the 'Christian' stable. There's quite a good response in the comments to sfw's plea for some artists that you can listen to without your brains falling out. No doubt Greenbelters can add some more. At least I hope so!

Holy heteroclite has a song by a Christian artist that was banned for some mild swearing. At least, it's mild compared to Lily Allen, but then so is pretty much everything. It's still swearing.

I wonder what God is most upset about, substandard music which seeks to 'glorify' God but fails miserably, or rude words? Or is he just delighted that we're singing to/for him, even if its tuneless, repetitive, trite, and unlistenable? Or both? Most parents know the awkward mixture of pride and embarassment you feel when you're children are performing in front of others - perhaps it's just that.

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