Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here's Why Alan Johnson isn't Education Secretary

I recieved this back from the Home Office this morning, after emailing Alan Johnson to ask him to intervene in Elizabeths deportation case last week:

Dear Rev David Keen

Thank you for your e-mail on behalf of Ms Elizabeth Kiwunga Rushamba concerning their immigration matters.< /FONT>
Yours support has been noted and will use for any future consideration of the case.

Yours Sincerely,< /FONT>

Public Correspondence Team

All that formatting stuff is in the original email. A free plane ticket to Uganda for the person who can spot the most grammatical/composition mistakes.

This is the Home Office for goodness sake, the same department which makes asylum seekers take tests in English when they want to apply for citizenship. It's clearly a standard reply email, and ignores the fact that there won't be any future consideration of the case because the unjust machinery of the immigration system deported the poor woman and her children last week.

There is not a single part of the British system so far that has done as well as a Poor rating in this whole sorry saga. Maybe the Home Office is using Uganda as a benchmark.


  1. Viv Neville22/9/09 6:36 pm


    Yes, I received the same reply...

  2. Perhaps the author of this letter is him/herself an illegal immigrant who has not passed a test in English. After all that wouldn't stop this government employing them. Elizabeth might have been safe if she had got a job with a cabinet minister.

  3. It looks like the quality of their admin. is entirely commensurate with the quality of their decision making.