Wednesday, September 02, 2009


If you're a fan of lists, then here are a few:

Peter Ould has the latest Alexa-based rankings for Anglican blogs. The bloggers at Greenbelt I spoke to seemed to think that Alexa doesn't really work for UK blogs, compared to US ones. But as long as I'm going up in the rankings I won't complain.....

If you like your lists comprehensive, one site attempts a Grand Unified Theory of blogging, compiling a ranking from Alexa, Technorati, Google, site feeds and several other measures. The 'top site' on this basis is Between Two Worlds.

Iain Dale has various lists going on, mostly from Total Politics:
- Nominations for the most influential people on the 'left' and 'right' and Libdem. I'd quite like to see a list for people who gain influence without having to sign up to a political pigeonhole.
- top 75 Libdem blogs
- top 100 Conservative blogs
- top 100 right of centre blogs (why does the right need two lists? that's greedy, but then that's capitalism for you)
- top 100 left blogs announced this morning, congrats to Tom Harris.
- top Green blogs

Wikio top religious blogs will be here once a) the full list gets published for August and b) I can find time to trawl through them.

Church Mouse has an entirely different list, a Green ranking of consumer products. Hooray for Persil, boo for Haribo gums.

Update: top list of the day is 'The 10 worst verses in the Bible', which is pretty much everywhere: here, here , here, here, and here. If that sort of negativity gets you down, then join the Bible group on Facebook, currently 370,000 members and rising, one of the fastest growing pages on FB.

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  1. >right need 2 lists

    Don't go there. Some on the right aren't Tories.

    The left has 4 anyway: Lab (though some call that right), Left (obviously), Lib Dem (although "other" is safer), and Church of England (if you ask some Tories).

    I thought there was a nonaligned list.

    Some "Conservative" blogs have a surprsingly large number of Labour Members posting - us. Wrong category - just like last year.