Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to Church Sunday, September 27th

A few links for Back to Church Sunday

Back to Church Sunday site: unfortunately if you're after publicity packs for this year, they're no longer taking orders, but you can sign up for 2010. This is obviously only for churches which plan ahead.

Lichfield Diocese article, noting that around half of those invited had stayed in touch with the church in some form or other, (though some of those were possibly in touch with the church already?) and 12-15% have become regular church members.

Church Times article by Paul Bayes, which notes that up to 3m people may be waiting for the right invitation.

the latest Inspire magazine is BTCS-theme, with several stories of people who've recently returned to church and rediscovered their faith. It's available free for churches to order (there, that got your attention didn't it!?)

More substantial post from earlier this year. with quotes, cartoons etc. As I said back then, don't even think about asking someone to your church until you've done an honest appraisal of what they'll find when they come. That's unless you're aiming to have 'put the general public off church Sunday', which has admittedly been the default Anglican setting in some places for much of the 20th century (sounds of spluttering into teacups). So if you're now prepping for 2010, use this worship audit first to gauge how visitor-friendly your church is.

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