Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Ate All My Spam?

It's been normal most days to sift through the cess-pool that is my 'spam' folder just in case a pukka email has fallen in there by mistake. But about a week ago, instead of the usual offers for medical products, videos of Britney Spears, offers of cheap scaffolding poles (at least, that's what they sounded like) and bizarre speculations about my private preferences, there was.... nothing. And that's the way it's stayed. Instead of 40 a day, more like 4.

So whoever nailed those creeps - thankyou. And if it was Btinternet itself, well done, you have my subscription for another year.


  1. It's probably the fall out of taking McColo offline - to some extent it depends on the source of your spam, at home I've seen a 50% drop, at work the company as a whole has seen an increase of 50% in the past 10 days

  2. You might want to check out this story on the BBC - - my levels have dropped so much that I keep thinking my e-mail has broken at the moment...