Sunday, November 09, 2008

Top 10 spiritual U2 songs

With the news that the new U2 album release is being delayed until 2009, if you have withdrawal symptoms then try 'the top 10 spiritual U2 songs' at the @U2 fansite. Interesting that there's no Vertigo ('your love is teaching me how to kneel') or Gloria. If you're really into all this, the site also has a list of Bible references in U2 lyrics.


  1. I think the whole Joshua Tree album is spiritual (and cool!). Their lyrics are a measure of emotional intelligence for U2 listeners.

  2. David, have you changed your blog settings? The text of your posts is no longer coming through to my RSS reader.

  3. Sam - yes, I was fiddling about trying to get a RSS button onto the sidebar this morning, and failed miserably, so I've just had a go at undoing the changes I made! I'm such an amateur....