Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Over and out.

According to the stat counter down there in the sidebar, this blog has had approaching 100,000 pageviews in the (nearly) 4 years of its existence. Which is nice. And it's enough.

I've been toying for a while with the idea of quitting permanently. Various events recently have hurried up my thought process on this. Part of me (the opinionated bit) will find it tricky - I can't find something interesting or potentially useful without wanting to go 'hey! anyone seen this?' and will have to start learning the discipline of silence. Or I could just email it to the Church Mouse.

The site will stay up for a while, to give people a chance to harvest anything that might have been useful. Comments will stay on  for a couple of weeks, but then get switched off permanently. Once the only traffic here becomes Google searches for Dave Walker cartoons, (a surprisingly high number), then the whole thing will get deleted. That's for purely selfish reasons: it'll be much easier to avoid the temptation to blog if I don't have a blog!

Thankyou to everyone for coming to visit, comment, argue etc. I hope it's been worth your while. Thanks to Steve Tilley, Ruth Gledhill, Matt Wardman and Maggi Dawn for encouragement and inspiration. It's now time for me to put my energies into other things. If you feel like using the time saved from reading my twaddle to pray for me, that would be great.

Alternatively, for local stuff try the Yeovil Blog, for a valiant attempt to make Thomas Hardy funny (almost impossible) try Lost in Wessex, or another of Gary's projects for a former Beaker Person My Gospel Right or Wrong. For new reading matter, try Charlie Peer's excellent new blog. Me, I'll be here. Staying on Twitter for the moment, but we'll see how that goes. If it becomes too distracting, then it might fall victim to the cuts...

Thanks for your company. God bless. David

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

'The Noise'

Thanks to Tim who's posted some pictures and reportage about 'The Noise' on the St. James Church Blog, and the Yeovil Blog. It's a local community festival, held last Saturday, and handily was in the park just across the road from our house.

The church spent the day giving out free drinks - probably 1000 or so juices, teas and coffees (until the percolator jammed up and the generator ran out of fuel so we couldn't use the kettle). Many thanks to those who came to help (ages 7 to 80), and for the team from Yeovil Community Church and Brympton Parish Council who did lots of the work and organising. Great fun, great weather, great event. Thankfully Tim's picture of me on the counter-intuitive bike isn't the one where I fall off.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Edited 'Highlights'

If you drop in here once every 6 months, this is the post for you! Here are the most popular pages for the first half of 2010

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6. Trafalgar Square Passion Play
7. '40' by Si Smith (posted ages ago, but always a popular one for Lent)
8. General Synod Headline Generator
9. 'After You Believe' new Tom Wright book.
10. Clegg 'I'm not a man of faith, sometimes I wish I was'

and thankyou to all of you who've pointed people to this site, top referring sites are:
Bishop Alan
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plus the odd visitor from Twitter and Facebook... Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Start 'Em Young

To cheer us all up after the World Cup, Dave Walker is uploading a clutch of new cartoons, of which this is one. You're allowed to reproduce them if you have one of Dave's licenses - I regularly put one or two onto church publicity cards, mission newsletters etc. That plus a Su Doku ensures that, if people don't read them, at least they don't throw them away......

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Full, Empty.

"If you fill your calendar with important appointments
you will have no time for God

If you fill your spare time with essential reading
You will starve your soul.

If you fill your mind with worry about budgets and offerings
the pains in your chest and the ache in your shoulders will betray you.

If you try to conform to the expectations ofthose around you
You will be forever their slave

Work a modest day, then step back and rest.
This will keep you close to God.
(William Martin 'Rest')

Friday, July 02, 2010

Fresh Expressions of Architecture

A quick plug in the direction of the Churchcare website, which I stumbled across this week. It seems to be aimed at Anglican churches, but might be useful for anyone with a listed church building.

There are case studies of redevelopment projects, advice on hosting post offices, visitors, school visits, running a community shop from church premises, and a grants section. Good resource if you're looking at how to develop/rethink use of your Victorian barn/medieval village chapel that somehow ended up as an urban parish church/community icebox with added seating and internal rainfall.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Last Instrumental Worship Album...Ever!

I've already had a rant about the 'Best.... Ever' marketing and I'm tempted to do it all again. This kind of hype has no place in so-called 'Christian' business.

However, given the title, I can assume this will be the last ever intrumental worship CD produced by Kingsway, hot on the heels of their last ever collections of hymns, worship songs etc. After all, as Phil Groom points out, if the title really is true, then what's the point in producing anything else?

I also note that "The Best...Album in the World, Ever" is a registered trademark of the Virgin group. So if someone produced something that really was the best, they wouldn't be allowed to say so without being taken to court by Richard Branson. Nice.

For something a bit more in depth, Internet Monk is well worth a read today, looking at the whole enterprise of the 'Christian' market and the kind of things it consumes. 

Slightly more modest (actually how could anything be only 'slightly' more modest than this CD title? ) is the 'offer of the decade' from Church House, on hardback volumes from the Common Worship series. Some very hefty discounts.