Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's my trumpet and I'll blow if I want to...

Quite bizarre to discover that this blog is (very, very allegedly) the 120th most influential blog in the country, according to Wikio blog rankings. Looking at how much upping and downing there is, it'll be back into obscurity next month.

An apology is therefore in order to all the blogs which should be above mine, but for some reason aren't. Dave Walker demonstrates effortless excellence: despite posting only 4 times in October he's up 76 places. However, it is rather gratifying to be more influential than the Newsnight blog, and Anglican Mainstream (which is more of a news site than a blog, and so shouldn't be on the list at all). Matt Wardman explains a bit more about how they work.

It was a relief to discover other religious/Christian blogs above this one, until I discovered that Bishop Hill isn't one, and therefore the top ranking religious blog according to Wikio is Damian Thomsons' Holy Smoke. I can only assume that there are a shedload of religious blogs that Wikio don't know about yet.


  1. Personally I think that stirring it all up is a good thing - since more get a place in the sun for a bit.

  2. I'd never come across this particular list before, but I see I'm down 61 places to 153. The pain is that means I was in the top 100 last month and never knew it.