Monday, November 03, 2008

An Education

Englands humiliation in the Stanford 20/20 match put me in mind of a story. I think it's from Gordon Macdonald's classic 'Ordering your Private World', but can't quite remember.

The story goes that a junior manager in a large company was involved in a big business deal, which went pear-shaped and he lost the company $20m. He was called to the Chief Executives office, and turned up looking suitably sheepish. "I'm very sorry sir", he said "and fully accept your decision to sack me."

"Sack you?" responded the CEO "why would I want to sack you? I've just spent $20m on your education!"


  1. What's the result of the education though? Are England going to forget about this as a sideshow, or does it have to become a more integrated part of the ECB's priorities?

  2. It sounds like England couldn't really work out why they were playing the game. Hallelujah - cricket hasn't yet completely sold its soul to Mammon, unlike football, and hopefully the Stanford episode will mark a pause in the IPL-led dash for cash.

    I reckon it's the exchange rate anyway - devalued the Stanford prize by 10% or so, since it was paid in dollars.

    I really do hope this is the first and last of its kind. When you play for your country, that should be all you are playing for.