Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Society of St. Stephen the Great bankruptcy: case closed

Phil Groom has just posted a new document from the US courts about the St. Stephen the Great bankruptcy case.

Brewer, you may recall, tried to get the Society of St. Stephen the Great (new owners of SPCK bookshops) declared bankrupt in the USA. The court threw out the claim, partly because the paperwork was in a mess, and also because most of SSG's creditors were in the UK. The lawyer overseeing the bankruptcy, Randy Williams, then took Mark Brewer to court for bringing the system into disrepute, a charge which Brewer denied, and the result is this Motion to Compromise Controversy, signed on 29th October 2008 (don't you love these legal titles?).

What does it mean? As far as I can tell...
- a few small fines
- compulsory legal training for Mark Brewer in bankruptcy law (10 hours) and ethics (2 hours)
- case closed, and the more serious charges against Mr. Brewer not pursued.

One loose end tied up, plenty more to go.....!!!

by the way, still no reply from either the charity commissioners or Mr Brewer himself. I sit by the letterbox each day, waiting and hoping. Not really.

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