Monday, November 17, 2008

Starbucks Church

Absolutely brilliant 'what if Starbucks was like church?' video

Ht Start the Week, the original is at Beyond Relevance, and the related post is well worth reading:

The challenge is, if we think door hangers or websites will solve our marketing problem, then we have a bigger problem. The average church in America has less than a 15% retention rate of first-time visitors.

If I owned a pizza parlor and more than 85% of the people who ate there once decided to never come back, I would think a mailer ( = mailshot?) might just kill the business. It would bring people in faster and increase the speed of my demise. I, more likely, need to be working on things like... my recipe, my wait staff, my decor--anything and everything that could increase my retention rate outside of bringing more people in.

The principle is stewardship. What are we accomplishing with what God is sending us? If we are not converting that, scripture would reveal that we are not ready for more (Luke 16:10).

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