Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dave Walker: 4 months on

Dear everyone,

It's 4 months ago - 22 July - that Dave Walker received his legal threat from Mark Brewer and was forced to take down his SPCK posts. If you have a blog, you might want to mention that today.

As you may know, Mark Brewer has been fined by the US courts for bringing a time-wasting court action for bankruptcy, and we now hear that his company is being investigated by the Charity Commissioners. These are all matters Dave would have reported if he had not been silenced.

If you'd like to do something supportive, you can sign a petition to Durham Cathedral to ask them to intervene over the SSG bookshop they host:
Latest developments are online at, very interesting leaked email gone up in the last few days.

And finally, still no reply from Mark Brewer to the letter I sent (twice) on our behalf. Very disappointing. He expects Dave to respond within a few hours, and yet doesn't even bother to answer us within a month.

thankyou for your ongoing support of Dave. Truth and justice will win, it's just taking longer than we'd hoped!

This message was sent to all 500 members of the We Support Dave Walker Facebook group this morning. Please do join if you haven't already.

Worryingly, having sent the message I was warned by Facebook for spamming - checking the FAQ's it seems not to like 'repeated content'. So that might mean I get banned from sending stuff to people on the group because I insist on mentioning Dave Walker and SPCK every time. If it all goes quiet, you know why.

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