Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mission blogs

recently found mission blogs, well worth a look.

Tim Chester, especially like his recent post on Communities of Grace vs Commuities of Performance. Tim is based in Sheffield (hooray!) and is involved in a 'household church' there, part of a creative missional church network called 'The Crowded House'. "Like conservatives we emphasis the centrality and sufficiency of the gospel word. Like emerging church we emphasis the importance of the gospel community". His site's also worth a visit for a good collection of articles on mission, church, spirituality and theology.

Kouya Chronicle, based at Wycliffe Bible Translators

David Couchman at Facing the Challenge, which is a fascinating site - anyone used their courses? Good collection of articles on culture, and Biblical reliability. First stumbled across when looking for details of the BBC's 'soul of Britain' survey, done a few years back to explore British attitudes to spiritual issues.

JR Woodwards primer on missional church: Ht to the last 2 blogs above, absolutely superb post bringing together a library of internet links on mission and missional church. Sections include:

- defining the missional church
- book reviews
- theology of mission
- recent history
- ecumenical mission statements
- mission practice
- mission blogs
- mission resources
- mission studies.

Obviously its impossible to keep on top of all of this stuff, and you'd need a couple of weeks study leave to browse all the links, but he's done an excellent job of pulling all this together.

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  1. I'm glad you like the primer on the missional church. Thanks for the ht. You have a nice blog.