Sunday, November 02, 2008

Local Mission Opportunities: Bath & Wells job, Mission Shaped Ministry

1. New Mission Enabler job in Bath & Wells Diocese, advert on Start the Week, brief job spec. here. Given that we're involved in ecumenical mission here in Yeovil, you may have the blessing (well disguised) of working with me, but don't be put off by that!

2. The MA in Missional Leadership, a highly regarded course will be running a local network soon:

"From December onwards there will be a Dorchester network, based at the Dorford Centre, for an accredited Missional Leadership course. On the 4rd of December, Martin Robinson will be presenting the ethos and structure of the course to let church leaders know about it (at 3.30) and on the 5th there is a free taster day - where Martin will teach on Missional History."

venue details to follow.

Some blurb on the course itself (or for a good overview download the leaflet - gives an overview of the 6 modules, and some commendations).

"The Missional Leadership course was created by Together in Mission and is aimed at leaders at all levels including:
* Local church leadership team including clergy
* Church planters
* Emerging church leaders
* Youth church leaders
* Small group leaders

The course was prepared by people with hands-on experience of mission in the UK. It aims to enable leaders and potential leaders to re-think ministry and church, so that mission is at the centre of all that is done, and is effective in our 21st century context."Leadership is one of the key issues facing the church in the 21st Century, so training leadership has to be a high priority in Parish life. This course is a must!" (The Rt Revd Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol.)

The course is delivered as distance learning through Birmingham Christian College, and is validated by the University of Wales.

For more information on the course go to Together in Mission at For information on the University of Wales and validation arrangements go to or email validation at " or go here.

If you've done the Fresh Expressions 'Mission Shaped Ministry' course, this would look like a natural step on for further study. The MA is also less obviously Anglican, so will have some fresh perspectives where there is common ground with MSM.

Update: have amended the text above (see first comment).

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  1. David your section on the MA in Missional Leadership is really helpful, and I can see we have many values in common. But the University of Wales are rigorous about overseeing publicity for any of their validated courses. Could you take this post offline until I have had it approved by the Wales validation unit. It needs one or two amendments- particularly we need to say the course is delivered by distance learning through Birmingham Christian College- we are their extension office.