Thursday, March 27, 2008

WordLive: New Online Prayer and Bible resource

Scripture Union have just launched WordLive, the latest in a slew of online Bible and spirituality resources to come out. It looks quite interesting - there is a daily Bible passage, then a pick and mix selection of about 15 ways into the passage - prayers, poems, exercises, background to the Bible passage etc.

Strangely, the way they've tried to grab headlines with the launch of the site is by releasing results of a survey which shows that we've 'lost our moral compass'. Headline-grabbing stats like '3.4 million people are currently having an affair', startling though they are, don't really link in to what the WordLive site does, which is offer an online of daily Bible study notes for Christians. It's not obvious how the Bible study notes will make relationships healthier, or have an impact on the 40% of us who admit to having stolen stuff at one stage or another.

(If you do want something to help strengthen relationships, then try the Marriage Preparation Course by Nicky and Sila Lee - we're running it with a group of couples at the moment, and it is being well recieved and helping them to spend time focusing on the health and depth of their relationships.)

The SU survey is quite interesting in its own right, though, frustratingly, they don't publish the survey questions or breakdown, and some of the press release is quite frustrating: it's not clear whether some percentages are of the full population, or of the fraction of the population who admit to having an affair. Without knowing a bit more about it, I'm reluctant to give much credibility to the findings.

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  1. I wrote a couple of the dramas for WordLive so thanks for the plug. Hope it does prove helpful.

    Scripture Union have a problem (as do many historical home mission agencies) of moving forward without alienating their support base. It does to make them quite conservative.