Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A handy set of labels?

Some interesting thoughts on the make-up of church congregations, and how this affects the dynamics of growth in the church, from Scott Anderson. Here's a snippet.

Think for a moment about how different types of people make up your congregation. I don't mean young and middle-aged and old, or black and white and Asian, but rather the way in which groups of people behave. Four types are represented in most congregations.

The four types
- 'Missioners' are people who have grasped the call of Jesus Christ to his Church. They have a vision for where they want the Church to be, and are personally committed to it. They commend it to other people, and take their own initiative in getting it to work.

- 'Helpers' are people who understand the mission and want to see things happen. They are loyal and supportive, but they do not have the confidence or the experience to take initiatives of their own, although they will help whenever they are asked to.
- 'Looked Afters' are people who like coming to church from time to time, and may belong to one of the Church organizations. They see the Church as providing comfort and support for them.
- 'Resisters' are people who oppose the agreed mission of the Church to which nonetheless they declare that they belong.

Understanding the proportion and influence of each group in your congregation is one of the most important keys to growth or decline.

Ht Titusonenine, via Elizaphanian.

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