Sunday, March 09, 2008

Video Resources for Easter

If you're concerned that the Easter Linebacker doesn't quite send the right Easter message, a few other places to go:

Proost have some new Easter movies, short creative visual meditations, some excellent stuff, you can see snippets of them and buy online for a very reasonable price. Much less than Sermonspice, home of the Linebacker.

Wingclips allow you to download free movie clips with a relevant message - some excellent ones for Easter from X-Men, To End All Wars, and Ice Age. For a subscription fee you can get higher resolution clips, but the quality is ok even on the free ones, and they have an excellent, and evolving, index of themes and clips. Ht Jonny Baker for reminders about these 2.

ReelWorship have some excellent video clips for background, meditation, pre- and post-service. Hoping to use some of these for Good Friday. The picture here is from one of their videos.

If you just want stills, there are some high quality images of crosses from around the world at the Barnabas/BRF site, and a resource book you can get to go with them.

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