Thursday, March 13, 2008

South Somerset District Council: Issues & Options Consultation 1

South Somerset District Council has just launched its public consultation on the shape of the region by 2026. With the challenge of 20,000 extra houses, struggling villages, congested towns and an ageing population, there are lots of issues that SSDC is trying to address.

The consultation runs to April 25th, so you have 5 weeks to make your voice heard. The main 'Issues and Options' document is online at
and there are 21 pages of questions related to it. You can respond to 1, all, or some, depending on how long you've got free.

I'm going to be posting quite a lot about this in the next week or two. What follows is a summary (it fitted onto 3 pages of A4) of the 104 page 'Issues and Options' document.

South Somerset District Council ‘Issues and Options Consultation’
3rd March - 25th April 2008

Summary of the ‘Issues and Options’ document

South Somerset District Council has launched the first stage of planning for the period 2011-2026 in the area. This stage involves identifying the ‘Core Strategy’ for planning and development decisions. Once this is finalised, it becomes the criteria against which everything else is measured.

To help prepare the Core Strategy, the council has published an ‘Issues and Options’ document, which identifies the issues facing the region in the next 20 years, and the options for tackling them. This can be seen at Brympton Way, in the local library, or online at .

Alongside the Issues and Options Document is a 21 page questionnaire, again available at these sites, or online at the link above. Public responses are invited to the Issues and Options document. Church members who live or work in South Somerset can therefore be part of the consultation. See my other paper ‘An Opportunity for the Church?’ for some guidance on this.

What follows is a summary of the main points of the Issues and Options document. It runs to 104 pages, and some of it is quite interesting, but by no means all of it!

Issues and Options Summary (numbers correspond to sections in the original document)

1. The goal
of the Core Strategy is : “an enjoyable and prosperous South Somerset.”

2. A Pen Portrait of South Somerset
Ø Population is 156,000. 41,000 of these live in Yeovil, 2 in 5 people live in settlements of less thatn 2500.
Ø The region has 48 villages, 7 small towns, and 5 large towns. Yeovil has been identified as one of 21 strategic towns in the South West by the regional government strategy.
Ø Population growth is twice the national average, projections suggest an extra 25,000 residents in South Somerset by 2028. 90% of this population growth will be among over-50s.
Ø Nearly 7 out of 10 of the additional households will be single person households.

Ø Manufacturing is shrinking, construction and transport will grow
Ø Dominant local sectgors are low wage/low skill (retail, tourism, hotels, distribution,leisure)
Ø South Somerset had over 1/2m visitors in 2003, the majority were over 55.
Ø Traffic and HGV traffic is increasing
Ø Finance, IT and telecoms are growing. There are also 12,000 self-employed people, and a high proportion of people working from home.

Ø Growing migrant population, especially from Portugal and Poland
Ø Unemployment is low, but wages and educational standards are below the national average.
Ø Several deprived wards in Yeovil and Chard.
Ø House prices are higher relative to income (7.7:1)than the national average (6.25:1). In some rural areas they are more than twice the average (14:1)
Ø The number of very elderly in the region will grow by 88% in the next 25 years.
Ø Deaths from cancer and heart disease are falling, instances of stroke, falls, diabetes and stress are rising.

Environment & Travel
Ø Energy and water use, and waste generation, will continue to rise
Ø Flood and storm damage will increase, and rising fuel prices
Ø Congestion and car numbers will increase. Road casualties a problem.

3. Vision and Objectives for South Somerset

The brief ‘vision’ : "A thriving South Somerset which makes the most of its natural assets, heritage,enterprise and community spirit in order to conserve natural resources, plan and build a better quality of life for everyone, now and in the future."

The document tries to translate this into what it means for planning and strategy. The more detailed vision statement talks about a thriving area, affordable, high quality facilities, protecting the environment, with Yeovil as a strong driver of the local economy. Increasing hi-tech and educational opportunities, with the East of Yeovil regenerated. It speaks of a thriving region, with several local hubs, better tourism facilities and a viable agricultural sector.

This is followed by 13 ‘Strategic Objectives’. These give a pretty good idea of where the Council is coming from, and several of them relate directly to what we do as churches (1, 2, 3, 12)

SO 1 Safe and strong communities with strong social networks.
SO 2 Everyone able to choose healthy lifestyles and access support to improve their health.
SO 3 Services and facilities (including education, health, advice and information, leisure and
cultural) that have all been designed around the needs of the community enabling
everyone to have fair and equitable access.
SO 4 People of all ages and backgrounds across the district to have access to ICT and
transport options.
SO 5 A competitive, high performing economy that is diverse and adaptable.
SO 6 Infrastructure in place for businesses to thrive.
SO 7 An educated and skilled workforce with less economic disadvantage and a good match
with the needs of the business sector.
SO 8 A thriving Yeovil, market town and rural economy/environment able to attract and retain
visitors, consumers and high quality, sustainable businesses.
SO 9 High quality homes, buildings and public spaces where people can live and work in an
environmentally friendly way.
SO10 A balanced housing market with a range of affordable housing and flexibility to meet the
changing needs of the population.
SO11 Effective use and stewardship of natural resources and biodiversity.
SO12 High levels of environmental awareness, pride in and satisfaction with the local
SO13 Move towards a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

Chapters 4-10

The rest of the document explores 6 key themes. Under each theme, key issues are identified, and options for tackling them are identified, with several questions in each section for people to respond to.

The 6 themes are:
a) Strategy
- how to keep sustainable development as a core principle
- balancing sustainability with employment, justice, wellbeing, environment etc.
- meeting the challenge of higher housing demand, and need for more business land.
- Percentages of brownfield or Greenfield land, and housing density.
- Estimates for housing required in South Somerset vary, the latest is 19,700, of which 11,400 should be in Yeovil.
- The paper sets out a ‘settlement hierarchy’ of towns (Yeovil, Chard, Wincanton etc.), Rural Centre (Bruton, Langport, Martock etc.) and Village. There are questions about how much development should be concentrated in each type of centre.
Note: not all local villages are mentioned here, it’s worth checking to see if yours is on!

b) Housing
Issues: - lack of affordable housing
- homelessness
- traveler provision
- more demand for 1 and 2 bed properties
- houses in Yeovil are unaffordable to 1st time buyers.
- Provision for affordable housing in new developments.
- Adaptable homes for increasing numbers of elderly.

c) Economy
- over 10,000 new jobs required for the area
- minimizing commuting, finding land for new businesses
- diversifying, so that we’re not over-reliant on Westlands and manufacturing
- increasing training levels.
- How much effort do you put in to retaining business premises (e.g. the village shop)
- Retaining rural services
- Move from dairy to arable farming. Helping farmers to diversify
- Enhancing tourism

d) Transport
- public transport
- parking
- encouraging cycling and walking
- disabled access
- tackling congestion – charging? Park and Ride? Parking charges?

e) Health and Well Being
- retaining local services (halls, surgeries, places of worship)
- young people’s facilities in remote areas
- increasing obesity
- recreation space in new developments
- community facilities in new developments
- mental health services, larger care and elderly sector
- public transport to facilities
- tackling crime and criminal damage, safety issues
- big rise in over-60’s forecast. Needs increased health provision.
- Loss of rural schools, provision for preschool children in rural areas

f) Environmental Quality.
- how to lower CO2 in line with government targets
- coping with rising energy demand, and demand for development land
- air quality (Yeovil is a blackspot)
- protecting heritage
- increasing use of renewable energy

The final section (section 10) deals with ‘Development Management Policies’ – i.e. what policies the council will adopt, in line with their vision and strategy, to guide future developments. These cover traffic, funding for new facilities, business land, health, housing density etc. There seemed to be a lot of overlap here with previous chapters, probably intentional!

and finally, the official blurb.
This consultation closes on Friday 25th April 2008. There are three ways to submit your comments:
1. On-line via ., or
2. Visit the website and fill out the electronic copy of the comment form and email to
3. Fill out a paper copy of the form (available at Council and Community Offices and Libraries) and post to the address below.

If you have any queries regarding the consultation please contact:
Planning Policy Team, Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2HT
Telephone: 01935 462462 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) Email:

Future posts will cover how the church can respond, and the evidence for the benefits of faith communities on the local community.


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