Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's Going to Happen Tomorrow?

Research from Theos this week found, according to a sample of 1000 or so, that:

30% of Britons believe Jesus existed, was crucified, buried, and rose bodily from the dead.
27% believe that he existed, was crucified, buried, and rose 'spiritually' from the dead.
17% he was crucified and stayed dead
10% believe he was either not crucified, or was crucified and didn't die (the latter is the view taught by Islam)

Though belief in the physical resurrection of the dead is core Christian orthodoxy, it's now a belief held by only 9% of the population. Far more believe in some kind of disembodied, spiritual afterlife, or in reincarnation, and 1/3 of people believe in some kind of final judgement.

There's a summary of the stats here.

What impact does this have on the way we communicate the easter message?

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