Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visuals for Worship

Jonny Baker notes the new RUN Video site, which has a good collection of downloadable vids for use in worship, and a free one each month as a carrot.

Other vid sources we've used in church, mainly in our cafe service:
  • Proost, including Si Smiths brilliant work.
  • Story Keepers (forget the SK stories themselves, unless you're running a holiday club, and just use the retelling of the Bible stories within them - normally 3 per episode)
  • Nooma - bit too laid back for all-age worship setting. I know of one vicar who uses the 'Rain' one in baptism preparation. Still not quite sure of the best way to use these.
  • Simpsons - the most famous churchgoing family on telly, loads of issues raised either by complete episodes (e.g. Homer vs Lisa & the 8th Commandment, Homer the Heretic) or by short clips
  • this King of the Hill clip on church-hopping. Brilliant.
  • WingClips - clips from top movies, helpfully indexed by theme, and downloadable for free in decent quality, and in high-def for a small fee.
  • ReelWorship: a photo & visuals site with some lovely video loops, great to use for meditations and backdrops.
  • If you're loaded, or have a dedicated budget for visuals, US sites Faith Visuals and Sermonspice are worth a visit, the latter is home of the Linebacker.

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