Monday, June 22, 2009

Is Mission on the CofE's Agenda?

More details of the General Synod agenda for July have been released, with debates on finance, pensions, laws, the number of senior clergy, childhood, ecumenism and various other things. The nearest thing to an item on mission is a report on ministry to people with learning difficulties.

A planned debate following up Mission Shaped Church, has been shelved to create time for 'essential legislative and financial business'. I have to wonder in what way is mission not 'essential' business? There have been massive changes in the way the institutional CofE views and funds mission in recent years, but a wholesale change of mindset is still a work in process. One common mission mantra is 'mission is not on the agenda, it is the agenda'. Maybe someone in head office spilt coffee on the last 4 words.

Full details of everything on Thinking Anglicans

Update: Howard Jamieson muses on the most interesting agenda item, a proposal for the reduction in the top-heavy Anglican bureaucracy.

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