Monday, June 08, 2009

Wikio Top Religious Blogs in May

The latest Wikio blog rankings are out, with a new interface which only lets you see 20 blogs at a time, but it also means you get more detail on the blogs - it used to just be a list of names. That also accounts for the list being a bit longer this month, as I now have a slightly better idea of what some of them are about!....

Sites dealing with religion at various levels include:
29 Cranmer
92 Holy Smoke (Damian Thomson of the Telegraph)
103 Heresy Corner (blogs about lots of stuff, frequent posts on religion)
109 Bartholemews Notes on Religion
144 Bishop Alan
165 Mediawatchwatch as opposed to Mediawatch, which is much more worth a visit. I'll have to add the latter to the Wikio listings and see if it can overtake its cynical relative.
175 The one you're reading right now.
179 SPCK/SSG News Notes & Info
209 Virtue Online
214 Of Course I Could Be Wrong
225 Anglican Mainstream (which isn't a blog. Have I said that before?)

the headline list now goes up to 300, but I had to stop somewhere. Sorry if you were 226.


  1. I'm up to 555 this month - slowly rising up the list, but that's probably about my ceiling now...

    Well done on being so far up the list yourself - great blog - I'm a long time lurker, and first time commenter!

  2. welcome Gary, onwards and upwards! I'm slowly recovering after 40 days off blogging during Lent, which led to my ranking dropping like a stone. Thanks for commenting, and don't stop now!