Monday, June 01, 2009

'National Day of Prayer' call..... by the BNP....

The British National Party has produced a leaflet calling for a 'National Day of Prayer', though it's clearly a political stunt because they don't actually say when (or maybe they're even more split than the Church of England and can't even agree the date).

It's a sickening exploitation of the Christian faith for their racist ideology. They argue that the BNP are better guardians of the national soul than the Church of England: "the cowardly yes-men, functionaries and time-servers leading the Church of England have consistently failed to lift a finger in defense of Britain against those who would destroy it." Untrue on so many levels, and gratuitously insulting. The leaflet, entitled 'Judas Archbishops Betray Ordinary People' then has the gall to call for 'dialogue' with church leaders who, in the next sentence, they tell to 'grow up'. Sorry chum, that's not the way you initiate dialogue.

Harrys Place has some analysis, and Unity draws attention to an, um, interesting comparison made by a BNP leader between Jesus and Adolph Hitler. Oh yes. Another BNP leader has written of the 'death' of Christianity, and argues that ancient Heathenism is the basic religion of the English people. So who exactly do the BNP want us to pray to?

As a Christian, I pray to God through his son Jesus. Asylum seeker, Jew, unemployed traveller, not a trace of Anglo-Saxon blood in his Mediterranean veins. God so loved the world he didn't become English, because we already think we're the greatest anyway. And did those feet in ancient times walk upon Englands pastures green? No.

So a bunch of rude, insulting, racist, Odin-worshipping, white supremacists call for a day of prayer. Sure I'll pray - that nobody votes for the BNP.

More background at Quarentia. This video clip is interesting too (HT June 4th) - insights into the BNP use of 'saleable' words like 'democracy' to appeal to people, without changing their supremacist ideology of 'every last (non-white) one must go'.

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