Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Fresh Expressions Resources & News

Phase 2 of Fresh Expressions, under the leadership of Graham Cray, has just been blessed and launched - it now covers 4 church streams, and 3 mission agencies (CMS, Church Army, Anglican Church Planting Initiatives).

The latest Fresh Expressions newspaper, due out in July, can be pre-ordered from the main FX website.

Steve Croft has a new book out 'Jesus People: What the Church Should Do Next', contents and the introduction are online here. (Ht 2churchmice)

Steve has produced a very useful exercise for staff teams, PCC's, church leadership etc. to do, on the nature of the church, and what is essential to it. Great resource.

There's also a new book drawing together some of the sacramental/catholic style Fresh Expressions, 'Ancient Faith, Future Mission'. There's a conference on this theme in the Ely area, details on Maggi Dawns blog. Update: reviewed on Start the Week.

Lots of FX links on Start the Week this week.

Related, a really good article by Claire Dalpra on outreach to the SAGA generation, which explodes some of the myths we have about 'old people' and what will connect with them

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