Monday, June 08, 2009

1 in 3 Want to Meet Jesus

Ok, spot the deliberate mistake in this Express article:

JESUS Christ is the dead person most Britons would love to meet, a study revealed yesterday.

Don't worry folks, you'll all get to meet him one day.... In the meantime, what a fantastic opportunity: if 1 in 3 really want to meet Jesus, then there's plenty of introducing we can do.

It's yet another poll to mark the launch of a commercial product, here's a bit more:
One in three of the 3,000 people polled picked the son of God. And Princess Diana – who was killed in a car crash in 1997 – was second.

Poet and playwright William Shakespeare was third, physicist Albert Einstein fourth and Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe fifth.
The poll of 3,000 people was conducted to launch ************ on DVD. A spokesman said: “These results show that Jesus Christ will always be the British public’s ‘Superstar’.

“But we were fully expecting Princess Diana to top the poll as she won the hearts of the nation and no one has ever really forgotten her place within the Royal family or the impact she made on ordinary people.”

Artist Leonardo da Vinci – best known for the Mona Lisa – took sixth place and Elvis Presley was seventh. Author Roald Dahl, singer Freddie Mercury and activist Martin Luther King complete the top 10.

Other news, Channel 4 has realised that saying 'oh my God' is offensive to Christians, and has given Kirsty Alsopp a good telling off for it. Can't wait until they start applying those standards to Big Brother..... This is remarkable, as C4 is normally the trailblazer for destroying whatever boundaries of taste and decency which exist on the main TV channels. Maybe it got bored of being outdone by Channel 5 and has decided to go the other way. Anyway, good for them. Blasphemous language is offensive to Christians, and we often just get so used to it that we stop bothering to complain. (telegraph version here)


  1. I heard the story of a parish in Ireland where a lady didn't like the changes that were being made to the service, so she wrote to the Bishop. In the letter she said, 'Jesus would be spinning in his grave if he knew what was going on in our church'...

    I kid you not!

    I'm intending to blog on this later on...

  2. The subject of blasphemy is something that bothers me, a lot. I often pull people up on their seemingly free use of the name of God and even worse, the Holy Name of Jesus as a curse word. It is unacceptable, and as surprising as it is that this comes from Channel 4, I for one am happy, though I doubt that much else will change. It makes me cringe when I hear the Name of our Saviour used as a curse in films, and on TV, and often I end up turning off.

    I'd rather hear vulgar curse words than hear blasphemy