Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chris Moyles gets excited about church

This is really worth a listen/watch, some very choice quotes in the whole discussion
'baptised, that's the same as being christened isn't it?'

'I just thought it was amazing'

"it was the most fascinating thing I've seen in a long time"

"It makes church more interesting, I'm all for it"

"the downside of church is that it's boring"

Ht Richard Peat (who has a very good discussion on whether you have to be an evangelical church to be growing), Church Mouse. The church in question is Kingsgate Community Church, who were live on the BBC on 31st May. On behalf of the rest of us, thankyou Kingsgate. Even if you leave off the Chris Moyles narration, the clip above is so inspiring.

They should invite Moyles along to give his testimony.....

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