Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Having a couple of problems with Blogger at the moment:

- several sites hosted by Blogger are shutting themselves down within a few seconds of me arriving on them. That makes it very tricky to read what Bishop Alan or Garibaldi McFlurry have to say, as there's only 5 seconds to scan them before the error message comes up. It seems to happen more often when following a link through from another site, rather than typing the address straight in. Of course it could be a problem with Internet Explorer, but it's only happening on Blogger sites. Anyone else get this?

- following the good bishops example, I tried to put Tweetmeme onto the blog to allow folk to retweet the posts. I followed the instructions to the letter, but until yesterday you'd have noticed a complete absence of a retweet button here: it only appeared for the brave souls who clicked 'Comments', and then only when comments are put below the post, rather than in a popup window.

But deep joy and gladness, the Greentech blog had the answer. I'm probably the last person on the planet to discover this. Just hope my blog doesn't start crashing now. If it does, please let me know!


  1. Another of my friends has been having the same issue - my blog would shut down or an error message would appear when he tried to comment. Again, he was using Internet Explorer, so whether that's the issue? Seems to work fine in both Safari and Firefox... But good to know that there's an issue for at least some of my visitors. Keep me informed if you still can't read it... Thanks!

  2. I use chrome & firefox with no problems - but I use FeedDemon as a blog reader that is built on IE and frequently trying to read blogger blogs in that results in error messages of the page not found variety after about 5 seconds! so IE sounds like a likely culprit..

  3. IE normally is. No problems with Chrome. Or our special bronze-age browser, with the built-in tea light sceensaver.

  4. Sorry to hear about this one, Dave. I can't get any Blogger blogs to do the same thing on Firefox 3 — a bit like when your telly breaks down but works when the repair guy comes round.

    I'm not sure about Tweetmeme. I'm not sure it's led to increased traffic really, and some people have reported it giving wrong numbers of tweets. I think I installed it as per the instructions, but am tempted to take it off my template. I've been manually scrubbing it for a while...

    Please let me now if problem persists — sounds a bit IE to me...

  5. Can't help noticing that most of my Tweetmemes are stuck at the same number as when they first went up!

  6. Hi, Thanks for the link back!(green This is true!!
    Also I have just changed my domain from blogspot to intechgrity.com! All my tweetcounts are gone :|