Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Mission on the Church of Englands Agenda? Part 2

After the near-death experience that was reading the agenda for General Synod, I then read this, posted yesterday by Richard Frank, a vicar in London:
Spent today in rather remarkable company - most of the London Bishops,
Archdeacons and Diocesan figures, together with a veritable who's-who of London
anglican church leaders of all sorts of stripes, but one thing in common - a
commitment to church-planting as a key part of a London-wide strategy for
evangelism and growth.

People talk often of the death of the CofE, but someone hasn't told
this bunch - the leaders of HTB, St Helen's Bishopsgate and All Souls, Langham
Place, together with many others have been speaking with passion and belief
about reaching London...

The conviction at the heart of the meeting is that the Diocese wants to
be a "can do" and permission-giving organisation, rather than one that puts
barriers in the way - that's not always been the way it's been seen (nor,
perhaps, acted), but I do believe that's the intent and it's exciting to

Fantastic. Please could other dioceses take note. As far as I know Bristol is the only Diocese with a church planting policy, and now it looks like they have company. Great. Who's next?


  1. HTB is also planting a Church in Brighton.

    It doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit with HTB they are proving to be particularly successful at Church planting and should be congratulated for their efforts and supported.

    Nothing hinders mission more than petty back stabbing between denominations and traditions.

  2. Bishop Pete (Willesden) - who chaired the Congress - says London's had a policy since 1996, though (as he also pointed out), it matters little... every Diocese should have one - especially with the advent of Bishop's Mission Orders.