Friday, July 25, 2008

What is Mark Brewer Doing?

For detective work on why Mark Brewer is issuing libel threats, then the 2 best blogs for background at the moment are:

especially the latter. Brewer is trying to get SSG (a UK charity) declared bankrupt in the US, which (it's claimed) he can't legally do. The charity commission in the UK is aware of what's going on. My concern is that various creditors, and people who are look for compensation through the USDAW action, will be denied what's due to them. My guess is that the libel threat was to silence blog reporting of the SPCK/SSG saga, so that nobody looked into it in any detail. That worked well then.....

The links on asingleblog suggest that Brewer is ploughing hundreds of thousands into a campaign to run for elected office, though (see comments below), that seems to be history. I shall probably leave the dot joining to other people - my main goal in blogging about all this in the first place was to draw attention to what has happened to Dave, find a way of salvaging the story he's been telling, and to support him, and all 3 have been achieved.

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  1. That seems to have been between 2000 and 2003.