Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'We Support Dave Walker' Facebook Group

As posted below, there is now a 'We Support Dave Walker' Facebook group, which has been accumulating since it was set up at lunchtime today (4 new members whilst I was writing this post). Click on the link to add your name. My personal experience of bullying is that it can be very isolating, especially when you're told that saying anything to anyone about the bullying will land you in even more trouble.

The idea of the group is to complement the support Dave is getting from blogs (see Blogspotting Anglican Episcopalian for a good summary from a wide range of sites over the last 24 hours). At the very least, it's an encouragement to him (which apparently it is), and with a bit of prayer it might even change things. The whole idea was inspired by Dave's setting up of the Anglican bloggers group last year. Maybe Facebook has a use, after all.....

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