Friday, July 18, 2008

New Theos Report

Theos have just published a new report 'Neither Private nor Priveleged, the Role of Christianity in Britain Today', and you can see it all online here. The author is Nick Spencer, Jim Wallis has written a foreword, of which this is the opening paragraph.

The question of the proper role of Christians and the church in relation to public
life is one that has occupied much of my work for years. Although the British
history and context are decidedly different than those of the U.S., the challenge of
navigating between theocracy on the one hand and a privatized faith in a secular
society on the other is very real in both.

This is a massive debate at the moment - e.g. a recent government document on Lords reform, and the place of bishops in a reformed second chamber, and the report on church and welfare the CofE came out with a few weeks ago. I'll hopefully get round to reading it and blogging next week, when there's time to do it justice.

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