Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Save Yourself A Week

I've been reading 'The Wild Gospel' by Alison Morgan, and stumbled across her website. If, like me, you have more books to read than time to read them, she has a superb section of book summaries.

Books covered include:
Dawkins -The God Delusion
Drane - After McDonaldisation
Hirsch & Frost - Shaping of Things to Come
Finney - Emerging Evangelism
some of the 'Mission Shaped' titles
Jackson - Hope for the Church

and so on - there's a decent selection in the fields of mission, prayer and renewal, each has a summary you can read through in 20-30 minutes, which gives you a fair idea of what the book is about and what it says. Absolutely fantastic.

Could have saved myself a lot of payments to Amazon if I'd discovered this site 18 months ago....

In the same spirit, Guildford Diocese have produced a digest of discipleship resources, similar to one already created by Southwell Diocese, which gives you a brief taste of things like Journeys, Beta, Lost for Words, START, Contagious Christian etc. Ht Start the Week

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