Saturday, July 05, 2008

You heard (some of) it here first

On Monday I made some predictions about how tonights Doctor Who would finish up. In the interests of accountability and honesty, here's the scorecard:

"here's my guess at what will happen in the final extended episode.
The Judoon (big rhino people) will turn up just after the opening credits to save the various goodies (Sarah Jane, the Torchwood folks) who are about to be killed by the Daleks. WRONG

David Tennant will spend most of the episode in a coma, 'regenerating' (that's what I do after a pint too many at the quiz night), WRONG. Quite the opposite, we ended up with 2 of them.

Donna will do something heroic and turn out to be a Time Lord. RIGHT on both counts, including saving the universe, though technically she turns into a Time Lord rather than turning out to be one.

So far, Russell Davies hasn't killed off a single Doctors assistant, so unless he's planning a final flourish, I think they'll all survive. RIGHT

Some special gizmo, like the key Martha has, or the doctors' spare hand, will save the universe,
Half-Right: the doctors spare hand plays a part in Donna's upgrade.

and the Daleks will turn on Davros, just like they did in Genesis of the Daleks - there's already a bit of needle between Davros and the top Dalek. Half-RIGHT: Dalek Caan turns out to be on the Doctors side, and betrays Davros. However the rest of them end up getting pushed around like shopping trolleys by the Doctors chums.

Finally (in my dreams), the Doctor will regnerate as Matthew McFadyen." WRONG: Sadly not, but he seriously needs cheering up. The Christmas special has the only man on the planet who's does morose better - David Morrisey. Maybe they need the Top Gear crew signing up as travelling buddies?

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  1. Go on - rub it in. Hopefully we'll get to see it in Canada before too awful long.