Monday, July 14, 2008

The Work Experiencer Speaks!

Today is a historic day. St. Aidan to Abbey Manor has its first guest blogger.............

Well good morning all it is a pleasure to be David's First guest blogger.

I'll introduce my self first I am another David and i am on my work experience with David it the first day of my second week and I'm feeling rather good about it as i have a rather interesting week ahead and last week never went to timetable so who know what could happen!!!

I chose to go round with David for my two weeks as everybody else was going off to school and major business and i thought to myself:
'David you need to go and do something that you will never get the chance to experience'
So i look on the work experience list and there was nothing that interested me that would give this once in a lifetime opportunity then i decide to think out side the box and i came up with following around a vicar then all i had to do was decide which one to ask. I came up with a list of vicars who i know worked the walking distant then chose the closest!
I choice the vicar that i thought i get on best with and the one that i felt would be the most varied in day to day life so i chose David!

So far the job has been very interesting and i am enjoying it i have had a range of task to do which is quite enjoyable and have meet numerous people all equal interesting. But i found it hard to wake up early on the Saturday for an 8am leader breakfast but the food was good and i enjoyed the opportunity to pray with older members of my church so so the breakfast was good but tiring.

Also i had the opportunity to help David do some assembles in schools which was interesting as it gave me an opportunity to witness how the younger generation accepts faith. Also later in the week we did a Q & A session with the year 6's and the question they where coming out with quite amazing these kids had spent a long time considering these question and after the session 3 or 4 of them stayed behind for another half hour asking more question about faith and Christianity and how to find God. I was stunned and i just felt Gods presence around these kids.

Well they where the highlights so far an i hope to have a just as exciting second week!

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