Monday, July 07, 2008

Time Out

Did a Touching Base piece on Saturday at the Wardman Wire on the need for time out, but forgot to link it. In a way it's a non-religious version of what I blogged here.

Here's a snippet:
Our local leisure complex has a section called ‘The Retreat’, which offers a typical consumerist solution. By parting with large amounts of cash, you can get a facial, a massage, or something unspeakable with candle wax and whalesong. An hour in another world. It’s not long enough, but it’s all we’ve got time for. The provocative Slow Leadership recommends time out, but recognises that for many of us half an hour a day is stretching it.

Blogging only makes things worse. On a web that never sleeps, it takes a matter of minutes for a new story to circle the globe. Report it tomorrow and you’re already too late. Its said that todays newspaper is tomorrows chip paper, blog posts start to whiff of deep fat whilst you’re off having your lunch.

and it's been picked up on this blog roundup, which is nice. It's quite a challenge to write something spiritual for a non-Christian audience every week, but it's a good challenge. How can we communicate the gospel and Christian wisdom without resorting to Kingdom catch-phrases? Discuss............

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