Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lambeth 2008

If you're desperate to know the latest gossip from Lambeth, it won't be on this blog, but Episcopal Cafe has a list of blogging bishops and a few other sites. Dave Walker is cartoonist in residence, and seems very pleased to have a tent. It may be that a cartoonist is better placed than a journalist to make sense of the conference, but that's Anglicanism for you.

However I think Lambeth will work a lot better if we just leave them alone and pray for them, and that's what I shall be trying to do.

As Bishop Alan sagely notes:

Some personalities and cultures are very reflective and process things carefully inside before bringing it to a group. It does not facilitate openness for anyone to feel they are being bugged. It is also the case that a few bishops come from parts of the world where it wold be simply dangerous to their personal security to tell tales out of school about their work and context. It’s important they feel free to be themselves and tell it like it is, with real confidence they can do so without being plastered all over the internet by some silly blogger


  1. I won't deny it - I am pleased to have a tent.

  2. Are you planning to extend it's corners (Isaiah 54), or would that be interpreted as divisive?