Saturday, July 26, 2008

Todays Dave Walker, SPCK, SSG etc. Post

A brief one today, this is like watching a snowball roll down a hill....

Ship of Fools discussion thread, which predates this weeks events, but picks up on them, with some interesting comments about the Ministry of Truth posting.

Facebook support group up to 213, if you've not checked your Facebook account for a while, you might be one of the 100 or so people who've been invited to join, so have a peek.

Matt Wardmans list is getting up towards 40 sites, plus those who aren't yet logged. Matt's Introductory Guide to the Dave Walker case is a good, um, introductory guide. His 'Cyberactivism 101' post today on how to campaign through the internet is very interesting.

Update: ASBO Jesus has a cartoon this morning, and at least one blogger who is republishing Dave's stuff has had a 'cease and desist' notice as well. Our mail hasn't arrived yet. Anyone else had one? We need someone from Monty Python to come in and tell us this is all getting too silly, and please stop.

Update 2: the Church Times have an article online from yesterdays issue, at, on the proceedings in US courts involving SSG. Worth a read, it's a good summary of what's going on Stateside.

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  1. The Church Times article is significant in that Dave Walker works for them. I would suppose that the Church Times has taken legal advice and on that basis is publishing this article with no mention of Dave, and very likely they are also giving Dave legal advice.