Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sacred Space at Work

This is absolutely brilliant. 'Life coach' Bruce Stanley, who has written some great stuff on prayer for the re:jesus website, has put together this pack on creating a sacred space at work. In 12 high quality pages it has everything - lots of bitesized ideas for prayer, exercises to help you focus on thankfulness, values, where to find a quiet space etc., and even a 'make your own' altar, which you can cut out and put on your workspace to help you think about Jesus. It's incredibly creative, and well worth a look.

The rejesus Spirituality section is a real goldmine of things either to explore yourself, or to print out and give away. We're doing our first 'Gospel According to the Simpsons' at the Cafe service on Sunday, on 'what happens when Bart prays', and will be giving some of the rejesus stuff away to resource folk who aren't yet Christians in their spiritual journey.

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