Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Passion story on the BBC

The Beeb has added various sections to its background on The Passion, a drama produced for Holy Week this year, including interviews with the director, consultants, and actors with key roles. Here's a snippet:

David Oyelowo admits his deeply-held, personal faith made him wary of accepting the pivotal role of Joseph of Arimathea in The Passion.

"Of all the projects I've ever done it was the one I had to think hardest about as a Christian," says the actor.

David's biggest concern was that the production would present a sanitised or safe version of the story of Jesus's final days on earth.

"When I heard it was the BBC and HBO I wondered – is it going to be the PC, watered down, keep everyone happy version or are we going to genuinely tell the story as in the Bible which is more interesting to me?" he says.

His fears were allayed the moment he read the script.

"I read the script with a slightly sceptical eye and to my delight I recognised it as the story and events that have shaped my life for the last 15 years," he says.

"I was also elated that the BBC has the balls in this day and age, in this climate of religious sensitivity, to put on what may be deemed a controversial drama like this. For me it is one of if not the greatest stories of all time."

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