Sunday, February 03, 2008

Love Life Live Lent

Love Life Live Lent 08 was launched a few days ago by various people. Here's the website, and here's Dave Walkers post on it, which explains a lot more so that I don't have to.
The basic idea seems to be a daily action every day for 50 days (Lent seems to have got longer since last year) which you can get via various bits of technology, or buy the booklet from the website. To be honest, you'll have to crack on with getting the booklet if you want it in time for Ash Wednesday, but if you're desperate to do something for lent then have a look here for some ideas.


  1. Some of our housegroup followed the previous version of this which was good fun and, in parts, challenging. This year we're going to take part in Tearfund's Carbon Fast (details on Tearfund website).

  2. e.r.: thanks for the recommendation, and the Tearfund pointer.